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Sjøbakken Camping


Sjøbakken Camping is the ideal origin for hikings in a rarely beautify mountain landscape.

If you're interested in sports fishing, you can gain recreation and try your luck in Straumen, the "shortest salmon river in the world".

The Aure river, in the center of our town, is another great salmon river: In the season of 2000 alone, we cought about 2500 kilos. There are plenty of fishing licenses for sale. You can also try your luck in Sykkylvsfjorden, the fjord of Sykkylven. We offer boat rental at the price of 60 kroners per hour, gasoline inclusive. We can also help you with fishing equipment.

Winter season in Sykkylven is a paradise for ski-enthusiasts. The town can also offer great fishing lakes. We can provide you with information about fishing licenses and regulations. At Haugneset, about one kilometer from the camping, you'll find a cute little beach.

Attractions in Sykkylven

  • Sykkylven church - is a special work of constructional art, worthy of a visit. The building is open for visitors during spring and summer.
  • Sykkylven Museum of Nature - shows constructed nesting cliffs, winter landscape, wet land and wooden environments for birds and animals. The museum is located a short walking distance from the camping site (about 200 meters).
  • Aursnes ferry berth - offers a beautiful headland with old Viking graves and a mix of birch forest combined with the typical bare rock-face shore.
  • Norsk Møbelfagleg Senter - is a national documentation and exhibition center for furniture. Sykkylven is after all, with its many furniture factories, the origin of the famous StressLess chair.

Attractions in the vicinity, suitable for day trips